Sous Vide Circulating Bath Systems - POLYCARBONATE
CHEF Series - 28 Liter

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This tank system with mounted Sous Vide™ Professional match in design and meets all design expectations for showcasing sous vide cooking.

In this configuration the Sous Vide Professional is mounted to the top plate. It is not designed to be used as an immersion circulator that can be clamped to any vessel. If the bath needs to be oriented in a different position the control head can be locked in at an angle of 90 degree to both sides. It also can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

The Sous Vide Professional is designed to meet the requirements of the world's best chefs and adds a whole new dimension of control to your kitchen. Its award-winning design, easy handling and flexibility are unique and without compromise. Professional and aspiring home chefs achieve perfect, repeatable results every time with the Sous Vide Professional™.

The 28L transparent polycarbonate reservoir lets you keep food in clear view. Elevated tank bottom provides secure handholds when lifting or relocating bath and is stable on uneven surfaces. The mounting platform for the circulator removes easily for tank cleaning, and rests securely on reservoir top edge when in use.


  • Sous Vide Professional Controller with open bath system mounting ring
  • Temperature stability: +/0.06C
  • Heater: 1100 W
  • Single-speed pressure pump with adjustable flow
  • Integral pump and heater coil protection
  • Working temperatures from ambient + 10°C up to 85°C
  • DuraTop™ bath cover
  • Lid opening for insertions of external probes, coils or small canisters
  • Drain port


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Foam Tape
Hypodermic Temperature Probe
Insulating Polypropylene Ball Blanket
Quick-access Fasteners for Sous Vide Professional rear cover
Whip Holder